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Simon Rawlins
Tuesday, May 10, 2016

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  1. Powerlifting
    08 Sep, 2016
    Training alone
    TRAINING ALONE  There are people who train alone, then those who train with others. There are obviously good and bad for both. This short blog is aimed at people struggling to get going or keep going.  LONE RANGER Training alone improves mental discipline. This is important for any athlete, having the ability to get up and self motivate yourself to get the job done. The goals you have set, are your goals! no-one else's. YOU HAVE TO MAKE THEM HAPPEN. Having the ability to stick to the program
  2. Modern man
    08 Jun, 2016
    Modern man
    You are being a pussy. So a lot is always being said about how weak modern man/woman has become. How back in the day men were men and drank from the skulls of their dead enemies etc. Nowadays people moisturise twice a day and spend more time watching TV and playing soldiers on Xbox. Everyone is fucking gluten free or “I dont do carbs” You arent being a pussy if you live like that, there is just no reason for you to be different. After returning from Afghanistan in 2008 I really started to
  3. Genetics in sport
    20 May, 2016
    Genetics in sport
    I believe I was genetically made for endurance, I have always been able to run distance or train for hours. Im a Ex - Paratrooper, Ex – Mercenary, Gym owner, Personal Trainer, ran for the County and played football for the County as a kid. Oh and I smoke. My body has pretty much stayed the same for 20 years...whether I eat crap or eat healthy. Recently (about 2 years ago) I switched my focus to strength training. I still run but no where near what I used too do. Switching to strength