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Training alone
Simon Rawlins
Thursday, September 08, 2016

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  1. Modern man
    08 Jun, 2016
    Modern man
    You are being a pussy. So a lot is always being said about how weak modern man/woman has become. How back in the day men were men and drank from the skulls of their dead enemies etc. Nowadays people moisturise twice a day and spend more time watching TV and playing soldiers on Xbox. Everyone is fucking gluten free or “I dont do carbs” You arent being a pussy if you live like that, there is just no reason for you to be different. After returning from Afghanistan in 2008 I really started to
  2. Genetics in sport
    20 May, 2016
    Genetics in sport
    I believe I was genetically made for endurance, I have always been able to run distance or train for hours. Im a Ex - Paratrooper, Ex – Mercenary, Gym owner, Personal Trainer, ran for the County and played football for the County as a kid. Oh and I smoke. My body has pretty much stayed the same for 20 years...whether I eat crap or eat healthy. Recently (about 2 years ago) I switched my focus to strength training. I still run but no where near what I used too do. Switching to strength
  3. Programming for Joe Public
    10 May, 2016
    Programming for Joe Public
    What program should I follow.......... This is one of the main questions I am asked daily “What program should I follow?” My answer normally is “train better and harder” then something like “Stop buying Mens Health magazine, you will not get a 200kg bench press by doing 3 x 10 sets of decline flyes with a Kale smoothie next too you. I dont care what it says on the front of the magazine” Simply, if your not a Pro Athlete, it doesnt really matter. Just have a plan. Sort your priorities and